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PRESS RELEASE, Publication, 2nd August

RH Cunningham Memorial Short Story Competition 2017

“…human life, seen through human eyes, sometimes fortunate, sometimes unfortunate, neither perfect nor imperfect; it simply was, and is…” RH Cunningham, 1911 – 2006

Life Dances - PRESS RELEASE, 2nd August

ISBN-13: 978-1548631246 /ISBN-10: 1548631248

To honour the life of his grandfather RH Cunningham, Trevor Maynard set up a short story competition. Willowdown Books is proud to announce the six winning stories will now all appear in the anthology, Life Dances.  The competition was won by Sandy Norris with her story No Going Back; and the five runners-up are Baking by Maria Borland, When Food Kills by Linda DuPret, Too Much by Israela Margalit, The Death of Rock ‘n’ Roll by Michael McLaughlin, and True North by Lynne Zolatis.  Life Dances was not only a competition, it is a labour of love, with The Dance, a short story adapted from journals of RH Cunningham by his grandson, Trevor Maynard, also included, as well as Flash Fiction by Neetu Malik, GK Grieve and Sophia Keech.


Featuring the winners of the RH Cunningham Memorial Short Story Competition

RH Cunningham Memorial Short Story Competition PRESS RELEASE, 9th June

RH Cunningham Memorial Short Story Competition PRESS RELEASE, 30th June


The Poetic Bond VII

 Submission window for 2017 now closed, shortlist to be announced end of August, 2017



What makes a poetic bond?

The process of selecting poems for publishing The Poetic Bond series is unlike any other in that there is no set plan as to what will be published. It depends on the themes which emerge from the pool of work submitted, or to put it another way, the poetic energy which comes together at this certain time and place.  Where themes emerge, patterns of energy harmonize, form bonds, connections, and these in turn lead to interconnected chapters, and the creation of a holistic volume, deeply connected with humanity, nature, and the universe.






“Poetry, both reveals and shares our humanity”

(Trevor Maynard, managing editor, The Poetic Bond Series)

So far there have been six volumes of The Poetic Bond, featuring over 130 poets from 17 Countries who have contributed 248 poems








Poetry Available from Willowndown Books





The Poetic Bond Vol I-VI

130 poets from 23 countries



Grey Sun, Dark Moon

By Trevor Maynard



Echoes in the Earth

By Pushpita Awasthi

Press Release 


The Watcher From The Beacon

By Pete Soron















Willowdown Books also offer a bespoke editing and publication service to publish your poetry collection






Fees start from $800/£660

Includes (if accepted for publication)

Your work professional edited

Internal formatting

Front and back cover formatting

ISBN and administration

Publication on Amazon

Discounted copies to the author

Royalty paid per copy sold


Please Note:  The minimum number of poems in a collection is fifty, this is generally selected from a pool of one hundred. 

There is a reading fee of $100, which is refundable if the work is considered of a publishable quality.  We do not publish just anything, your work has to be considered of a high enough quality by the editor.  Copyright remains with the author.


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