Looking In Looking Out - Window Now Closed - Shortlisting in process - publication Summer 2023

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Poems from the Lockdown 125 poets 

Now with an extra featuring 12 poets from Lockdown 2.022


Special Edition


Press Release 11 Nov 22 

Willowdown Books are proud to present the poets and writers shortlisted for 


Press Release SHORTLIST

The shortlisted poets are:

Abby DeSantis, Alan Bern, Anna Marshall, Audrey Coleman, Beth Bolton, Brandyce Ingram, Carrie Radna, Catirona Flight, Charles Gillispie, Chris Sako Christine Runyon, Cigeng Zhang, Cliff Mason, Deborah Dodge, Deidre Dees Dominic Stoller, Donna Harland, Gabby Gilliam, Gail Bush, Gerald Dampier. GK Grieve, James Lockett, Jim Burns, John De Santis, Joseph Sinclair, June Creill Karen Jolly, Karen Henneberry, Kathleen Johnson, Kewayne Wadley, Kirsti Lee Lynne Zotalis, Madeline Heit Lipton, Marie Youssefirad, Mark Hammerschick, Mary Paulson, Mica Paul, Michelle Murray, RB Bunn, RD McAvoy, Rebecca Evans Rebecca Johnston, Richard Paul Davids, Rosalie Hendon, Stephen Kirin, Stuti Sinha, Tom Cliford, Trevor Maynard, William DiBenedetto, Zara Luna Timothy

The shortlisted short story writers are:

Anthony Michael Cooper-Jones, Bohumlia Ottavo, Brian King, Edna George, JE Bird, Jay Armstrong, Lee Geddes, Mark P. Arla, Mark Friers, Norman Faulkes,Tomas Linn, William Cass, Zara Luna Timothy

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$12.99 / £9.99

Entry Guidelines (T&Cs) Looking In Looking Out 

$12.99 / £9.99-


Love and hate are not opposites, they are a necessary co-existing reality, holding the psychological tension between life's inherent contradictions.  The moment of birth is but a prelude to the inevitability of death. Words are caught in a poem, printed in linguistic marks, but, when voiced, are transient notes in the air; thoughts become both fleeting and permanent in memory; and into this paradox we, the human animal, climbs: object and subject entwined.  Amid life, there is death. Darkness is nothing without light. Chaos is not chaos without space for harmony; and love is not fully love without embracing the hate that goes with it.  Life is what it is: a paradox.

Trevor Maynard is a dyslexic, autistic artist, and this is his fourth poetry book.

"Trevor Maynard combines complicated thematic material and unites fractured images with a sure hand." 

PRESS RELEASE 12 Jan 2022 

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Press Release 15th Sept

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February 2020 

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April 2020

"Poems from the Lockdown" - 115 poets from across the globe shared their experiences of a world locked down in 146 poems.   "PRESS RELEASE 20 April 2020

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Preface to Special Edition, 2022

First published in April 2020, at the height of the first Coronavirus Lockdown, Poems from the Lockdown was an immediate, visceral response to a sudden, and frightening global pandemic, that saw everyone face-masked, isolating, working from home or furloughed; humanity hunkered down for safety and protection.  Over fifteen million died, billions more suffered physically, and especially mentally: Covid-19 ravaged our population.

Two and a half years on, vaccines were found, the virus mutated to be less lethal, and humanity returned to a new kind of normal, a post-pandemic realisation that, at any moment, something could end our world.  In this fight for our lives, human kindness flourished, people cared, sacrificed, and appreciated each other more – not universally it has to be said; power, manipulation, profiteering, and the baser instincts of humanity also took their advantage.

A new volume, Lockdown 2.022, was produced in September 2022 seeking to reflect on the newly emerging world, where are we now?  Twelve poems from that volume have been added in a new chapter to the original volume; not to find closure on the pandemic, but more to define the era, in terms of global psychology and consciousness.  Everything has changed: the Global Pandemic elicited a shared experience demonstrating humanity’s best efforts to care for its fellow humans in face of a global threat.

There are now ongoing public enquiries, the apportioning of responsibility (hopefully too much not blame), and accountability will be identified; an official history will be written: one of facts and figures, laws, actions and management; and lessons and contingencies developed for the future. Along this, I believe this special edition of Poems of the Lockdown, will convey the raw emotional and personal experiences; providing catharsis, love, and healing.     

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2020 "Who are We?" 

Ten short stories from ten writers on the theme of country, identity and race. 

Winning entry Zamarad by Michael J Keeley   

2019 "Nine Frames"

Nine short stories of love and life.

Winning Entry The Race by Mike Friers 

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2018 "Our World, Your Place"

Eight short stories exploring new world anew. Winning entry Veiled by Rebecca Evans

2017 "Life Dances"

The inaugural competition, inspired by the life of Robert Hamilton Cunningham, the editor's grandfather.  RH travelled the world, was a ballroom dancer, and a raconteur.  

Winning entry No Going Back by Sandy Norris

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