Publication drops 22 Sept 22

Available on Amazon and elsewhere from 26 Sep 2022

Lockdown 2.022

an international anthology of post-pandemic poetry

46 poems of exploration, enquiry, and expression

28 voices of hope, love, and understanding

15 million lives lost


Covid ravaged our planet, but with a world cooperating (mostly), vaccines were found, and we survived; however, for the many who grieve lost loved ones, or still suffer the physical and mental after affects, normal life, whatever that may have been, will never return.  Our original volume Poems from the Lockdown, published in April 2020, was a snapshot of the moment, immediate, visceral; this volume, Lockdown 2.022, seeks to reflect on the emerging world, where are we now?  


It could be said, in terms of global psychology and consciousness, everything has changed, and yes, the Global Pandemic saw genuine kindness, a shared experience evident in humanity’s best efforts to care for their fellow humans in face of a global threat, and yes, it brought out the best in us, uniting the world as one people, but also, as is evitable, it could be argued, the politics of power and greed, of prejudice and discrimination, of profiteering, raised their hydra heads.  There will be public enquiries, the apportioning of responsibility (hopefully not blame), and accountability will be identified. 


Of the 46 poems published here, buttercups and roses by AJ Fierney has been chosen to receive an award of $250, with the following three poems are commended: Sow the Ripples Will by Don Carroll, Gape by Michele Parker Randall, and Cameras Off, Microphones on Mute by Gerald Dampier.


The full list of poets for Poems from the Lockdown 2.022

Fran Abrams, Nikita Munshi Aggawal, Anne Maria Akin, Sharnta Bullard, Don Carroll, TP Cooper, Gerald Dampier, Deborah Dodge, Dion Farquhar, AJ Fierney,

R David Fletcher, Peter Henrich, Gloria Nixon John, Kodhijah Ismail,

James Patrick Lockett, Browning Mank, Trevor Maynard, Shalisa McAvoy,

Paul Portugés, Michele Parker Randall, Danielle Selber, Joseph Sinclair,

Brian Sluga, Hannah Walizer, Margaret Ann Waddicor, David Wren, Cigeng Zhang, and Lynne Zotalis


More information is available at, or contact Trevor Maynard, the editor at