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Title Published ISBN Press Release By
The Poetic Bond X 9 Nov 20 Poetry anthology  9798699442720 12 Nov 20 43 poets
Who Are We? Short Story 9798668923540 10 authors
Poems from the Lockdown Poetry anthology 9798630190185 115 poets
The Path Now Known Poetry Collection 9798606601561 Trevor Maynard
Nature 20/20 Poetry anthology 9781658033138 21 poets
The Poetic Bond IX Poetry anthology 9781695239906 43 poets
The Poetic Bond VIII Poetry anthology 9781073411511 83 poets
Nine Frames Short story anthology 9781729531778 9 authors
Our World, Your Place Short story anthology 9781727650686 8 authors
The Poetic Bond VII Poetry anthology 9781978098039
Life Dances Short Story anthology 9781978098039
The Poetic Bond VI Poetry anthology 9781539334682
Echoes in the Earth Poetry Collection 9781533618801 Pushpita Awasthi
Grey Sun, Dark Moon Poetry Collection 9781517095253 Trevor Maynard
The Poetic Bond V Poetry anthology
The Poetic Bond IV Poetry anthology 9781503034525
The Poetic Bond III Poetry anthology 9781492384199
Keep on Keepin' On Poetry Collection 978-1480052499 Trevor Maynard
The Poetic Bond II Poetry anthology 9781480209732
The Poetic Bond Poetry anthology 9781466498419
Four Truths Four One Act Plays 9781466453395 Trevor Maynard
From Pillow to Post One Act Play 9780955851414 Trevor Maynard
The Watcher from the Beacon Poetry Collection 9781480108806 Peter Soron
Love, Death and the War on Terror Poetry Collection 9781445206622 Trevor Maynard