Lockdown 2.022

The World Health Organization has stated that over 15 million people died from Covid-19 between 2020 to 2022, with millions more continuing to live with ongoing health implications.

 The whole world has changed dramatically, in terms of global psychology and consciousness.


The Global Pandemic saw genuine kindness, and the shared experience evident in humanity’s best efforts to care for their fellow humans in face of a global threat, bring out the best in us, uniting the world as one people 


Maybe it was inevitable this would subside … arguably there has been a return to individualism, nationalism, maybe a reactionary rejection of humanity as a single, coherent, communal force for good


But there is still hope, experience matters, lessons were learnt, the pandemic forced us to see the future of our species as ONE entity on our ONE planet     


Willowdown Books is proud to present 28 poetic voices of hope and understanding, who explore, question, and give expression to our post-pandemic world in an anthology of

46 brand new poems, due for publication on 31 August 2022


The Poets of Poems from the Lockdown 2.022 are

Fran Abrams, Nikita Aggawal, Anne Maria Akin, Sharnta Bullard, Don Carroll, TP Cooper, Gerald Dampier, Deborah Dodge, Dion Farquhar, AJ Fierney, R David Fletcher, Peter Henrich, Gloria Nixon John, Kodhijah Kodhijah, James Locket, Browning Mank, Trevor Maynard, Shalisa McAvoy, Paul Portugas, Michelle Parker Randall, Danielle Selber, Joseph Sinclair, Brian Sluga, Hannah Walizer,

Margaret Ann Waddicor, David Wren, Cigeng Zhang, Lynne Zotalis


Many thanks to all who shared their work, and best wishes for the future.


1.  Press contact Trevor Maynard at

2. One prize of $250 will be awarded.  This will be announced on publication

3. Trevor Maynard, UK based poet, writer, and editor.  He is owner/manager of Poetry, Review and Discuss Group, a major poetry group on LinkedIn.  His latest poetry collection is PARADOX.