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Available from January 1st 2021 to March 31st 2021 – Prices TBC

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Willowdown Books Special Offers

TRIO -pre-order   $29.99 including p&p (RRP $44.97 + p&p)

We are currently calling for submissions for two poetry anthologies HUMAN TO HUMAN and ZEITGESIT – FIVE ISSUES OF THE MODERN AGE, as well as the fifth call for short stories for The Cunningham Short Story Competition - theme THIS CHANGING WORLD .

The anthologies will be published in Summer 2021.

Human to Human - pre-order   $12.99 including p&p (RRP $14.99 + p&p)

Zeitgeist-Five Issues of the Modern Age - pre-order   $12.99 including p&p (RRP $14.99 + p&p)
This Changing World - pre-order   $12.99 including p&p (RRP $14.99 + p&p)

TEN BOX SET - The Poetic Bond Vol I - X    $116.98 including p&p    (RRP $149.00 + p&p)

706 poems from 236 poets have been published in The Poetic Bond Series.  The Poets of The Poetic Bond come from all over the globe, from the US to Malaysia, the UK to the Lebanon, with ages ranging from 14 to 92, exploring themes of love, life, age, religion, politics, nature, the universe, using free verse,  blank verse, sonnets, haiku, sticking strictly to form, or riding wild on flowing streams of conscious. sometimes sparse, controlled, others taking language on a roller-coaster of metaphor and imagery.

MAYNARD COLLECTION - three volumes of poetry $32.50 including p&p    (RRP $44.99 + p&p)

“Trevor Maynard combines complicated thematic material and unites fractured images with a sure hand"  (The Stage)

Grey Sun, Dark Moon - poetry that asks what unites us, in meaning and experience, as our days pass, as life ruthlessly ticks away …

Keep in Keepin' On - 64 poems, five chapters BLACK DOG, PANOPTICON, OBSERVATION, LOVING, ANSWRRS, +  bionus selection of five articles

The Path Now Known - Love, Death, and The War on Terror Revisited

CUNNINGHAM COLLECTION - four volumes of short stories $42.50 including p&p    (RRP $59.96 + p&p)

Who Are We?    Ten stories of country, identity, and Race.

Nine Frames   Nine short stories of love and life/

Our World, Your Place    Eight short stories exploring the world anew.

Life Dances     The inaugural competition, inspired by the life of Robert Hamilton Cunningham, the editor's grandfather.  RH travelled the world, was a ballroom dancer, and a raconteur.