Press Release 19th November 2021


Like a challenge? Want to try something new?

We are calling for submissions for a new anthology


concataverse is a form of poetry where poems consist of three lines in which the words are concatenated together.

The idea is each poem captures concisely an idea, image, or thought process, however, to understand it, you must concentrate, look closer, you have to actively mine, think, and define.

This is a process designed to illicit an emotional or intellectual response borne out of awareness and heightened consciousness.


What is a concataverse poem?  Here are the rules:

1)     Each poem must be three lines long

2)     Each line must contain at least three words

3)     Lines should be no longer than 33 characters

4)     Each line should have at least four beats (for which read syllable, stress, meter)

5)     Each line should have a different number of characters

6)     All the words each line of the poem should be concatenated together

7)     There is no punctuation

8)     Only the word “I” can be capitalized


The submission fee is $2 per poem or enter 5 or more for $10 (max. 10 poems).  Entry is safe and secure through Submittable.  All submission fees go to fund a printed anthology to be published on or after April 1st, 2022.

Editors’ Note.

1)      Why concataverse?  By concatenating the words, the reader is drawn to concentrate on what is being said in a concise form which directs the mind.  This is done over three lines of at least three words, one of which will have more than a single beat.  Again, this is done to focus.  The maximum length of a line is limited to 33 characters, while concatenating the line encourages attention, the reader should still be able to absorb rhythm and meaning, so as the line is comfortable to read remains intact (not orphaned to next line or page).  Finally, the reason all lines should be of different character length is that while the other rules on form encourage creativity, making each line of the same character length would be arbitrary. 

2)      Press Contact, Trevor Maynard +44 7966079968, email